~ Lightning Trigger  LT-IV Features ~

– Single-mode setting – (S-MODE) – Triggers camera off of single and multiple optical flash pulses

– Multi-mode setting – (M-MODE) – Provides camera activation when characteristic optical pulses from the stepped-leader phase of lightning ground flashes are detected – Twice as fast as the in incomparable Lightning Trigger LT3 – Discrimates  intra-cloud & out-of-field-of-views flashes – Will not trigger off flash units

– Low Battery Indicator LED

~ Lightning Trigger LT3 and LT-IV Features ~

15-Year Guarantee – Each and every Lightning Trigger and modified release cable are 100% quality tested to provide the performance and reliability that you expect, dependability when you need it. No Puffery, just fact!

The Lightning Trigger provides flexibility – Whether you shoot Canon, Nikon, Sony, or any compatible camera, all you need is to change to the appropriate modified release cable and you are ready to shoot.

Extreme Performance
Extremely sensitive optical flash sensors provide unsurpassed response to lightning flashes at distances up to 20 miles (day) and 40 miles (night), flash strobes, infrared (remote control) transmitters and fireworks too.

– Capture the FIRST FLASH - the flash you see - when it happens!

– Robust and stable electronics - no false trigger "shutter hammering" under fluorescent or incandescent lighting

– Ergonomic design that doesn't interfere with you, or the camera operation

– Automatic light level sensing daylight to dark - no manual adjustments

– Automatic metering system activation to ensure proper exposure and minimum shutter lag time

– MOSFET technology provides 4000V isolation between camera and Lightning Trigger

– Utilizes a standard 9V alkaline battery

Unparalleled Tech Support
If you ever have any questions, you can speak directly to the most knowledgeable tech support team ever. Simply call 1-970-799-4845.

The Lightning Trigger comes with a top quality Soft Case, 9V battery, Detailed Instructions, 15-Year Guarantee and full Tech Support.

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